A Seasonal Consignment Event

All registered consignors enter their own inventory to the Second Chance Kids Sale, llc software. All items must be entered into inventory, prepared and tagged according to the rules on the website before drop-offs.  All items must be entered into inventory before the software closes.  The software will close at noon on Saturday, September 26th.


Items to Consign Guideline:

 Kids' clothes: babies to juniors


 Furniture (bookshelf, toy box, changing table, dresser etc.)



 DVDs and CDs

 Shoes and boots

 Coats, hats and gloves

 Pack N Play


 High chair

 Booster chair

 Cribs-Due to Federal Law, we cannot allow the sale of crib manufactured before June 2011.

 Diaper bags

 Feeding equipment

 Outside toys

 Baby, toddler and youth bedding

 Toddler or youth beds

 Maternity clothes

 Diaper bags


 Dance/youth sports equipment

 New with tags stuffed animals


 Car seats/travel systems no more then 5 years old with original manual and manufacture sticker.  Consignor must check​      http://www.nhtsa.gov/ for up to date recalls.

 Items we cannot accept:

  •  Homemade crocheted or knit items
  •  Mattress (unless it is being sold with a crib or bed)
  •  Stuffed animals unless new with tags
  •  Used under garments
  •  Used bottle nipples, pacifiers and teething rings
  •  Items that are five years or older
  •  Due to Federal Law, Second Chance Kids Sale, LLC cannot allow the sale of cribs manufactured before June of 2011.
  •  All consignors must check to see if their items have been recalled before submitting them to the sale at http://www.cpsc.gov/cpscpub/prerel/prerel.html and       please read​ http://www.cpsc.gov/CPSCPUB/PUBS/thrift/thrguid.pdf

How many guests can I bring to the pre-sale?

  •  Each consignor will get one pre-sale guest pass for one friend or family member. Each consignor's pre-sale pass is good only for the consignor and any children under 18 that come shopping with their parent/guardian.  

 When will I receive my check?

  •  We mail checks within two weeks after the sale!

 Is the $10 fee per item?

  •  The $10 fee is a one time fee per sale, from there you earn 70% percent per item! 

 What happens if I don't drop my items off?

  •  If you can't drop your items off and don't un-register for the sale the Thursday before drop-offs, you will not be allowed to volunteer or consign at the next sale.

 What kind of hanger should I use? Do the hangers have to be certain colors?

  •  Only wire hangers will be accepted. Any color wire hanger may be used.

 There is a number limit to infant clothing.  Is that per hanger or per piece?

  •  The limit is 50 hangers per gender between 0-3 and 12 months.  This means 50 hangers for girls and 50 for boys.  Feel free to load one hanger up with a bundle of onesies, a few outfits or a couple sleep & plays.  One hanger = one item.  Make sure all items on each hanger are stain free.  We check all pieces!

Is there a minimum item count to be eligible to consign?

  • There is a 30 item minimum to consign and receive pre-sale passes.

Do the clothes have to be on hangers?

  • Yes. Use a safety pin to secure clothes that easily slip off the hangers. Please see the "Tagging" page for full preparation guidelines.

Will I get my hangers back?

  • No, but you can replenish your stock by buying clothes at the sale.  Also, ask friends and family members to save hangers for you.  We also sell hangers at cost.  Contact us for details.

 What are the biggest sellers?

  •  A lot of items from every category always sell.  A few of our big movers are TOYS, large baby equipment (jumpers, high chairs etc), shoes (especially on toddler and up sizes), Halloween costumes, seasonal gear (swimsuits and water shoes in the Spring and coats, boots and snow pants in the Fall). 

Can I re-use my tags from previous Second Chance Kids Sale, llc sales?

  • Tags for rolled over merchandise do not have to be re-printed unless the status of the items changes (ie: price, description, donate status or discount).  Tags with hand written changes will not be accepted into the sale. 

How can I get my items to sell the best?

  •  Price items to sell!  If items are marked too high, they will not sell and we want you to have a successful sale!  We also highly suggest you mark your items to "discount" on the half-off day. If you are having a hard time pricing your items, invite a friend over while you are tagging. It is hard to remove yourself emotionally from the clothes your cute child wore (trust us, we understand).    
  1. For big ticket items, we suggest 1/4 to 1/2 of the price you paid after all discounts and coupons. 
  2. For full outfits, the industry standard is $1 per outfit per year of the child who will wear the outfit (so if it is a 3T outfit mark it for $3).  Bundle outfits or sleepers together that you don't want to sell for less then $2 (since our prices start at $2).
  3. For toys we suggest 1/4 to 1/2 of the price, depending on the condition, the popularity of the toy, etc.

We often say: "Use your gut when pricing."  "Think like a shopper when pricing your item."  When pricing think... "Do I want to take my items home or sell them?  

During Drop-Offs

  • We will be picking a handful of your tags at drop-off to scan and ensure that they are scanning properly.  Tags that don’t scan double the time your customers wait in line.  If tags do not scan properly, we will ask you to reprint AND attach tags that scan.   Tags that scan should look dark, clear and crisp.  They should also be on white card stock 60lb (or higher) weight. Colored card stock will not be accepted.  If you have any concerns about your tags not scanning, email us for our mailing address and you can send us a test sheet of tags in the mail.
  • While we are a family friendly sale, many consignors find it easier to leave their kids at home during drop-offs.  Children must remain with an adult at all times.

During Pick-Ups

  • During PICK UP, each consignor will be retrieving their own items from the racks and displays.  To make this easier, we suggest you wrap your hangers with your own signature labeling.  Brightly colored tape (finally a use for that fancy duct tape) or pipe cleaners work great!  A sticker or star on your tag might help too!  We will have unsold inventory lists printed for you.  A Second Chance Kids Sale, LLC representative or volunteer will be checking your items as you leave to minimize mix-ups.  Since we are switching to this more streamlined process, we are able to add a pick up day.  Pick up times are Saturday from 5pm-6:30pm and Sunday from 9am-11am. 
  • While we are a family friendly sale, many consignors find it easier to leave their kids home during pick-ups. Children must remain with an adult at all times.

Do use wire hangers only.
Do sell cribs manufactured after June of 2011.
Do allow time in your drop-off slot to hang and merchandise your items.
Do re-print tags if you change the description, status or price of an item.
Do allow time and patience during pick-ups to find your items on the floor.
Do check toys and puzzles for broken/missing pieces and working batteries. 

Do feel free to ask us questions!  This is a stress-free zone!
Do spread the word of the sale.  A bigger sale means more of your items sell!

Don't use straight pins.
Don't bag clothes.  They must be hung.
Don't bring stained or worn out items.  They are checked for quality before hitting the floor.
Don't forget to have fun!  Consignment rocks!