A Seasonal Consignment Event


Wire hangers are required.

Merchandise Preparation Tips:

All tags must be printed on white card stock.  This allows the bar code to be scanned.
Clothing in bags will not be accepted.
Tags print best with Internet Explorer.  Make sure that bar codes don't appear to be faded or squished together.  This will ensure your tags scan properly.  Tags that do not scan will not be accepted.
Hang clothes on the hanger with the hook on the hanger pointing to the left (like a question mark).

You will need:

Safety pins
Wire Hangers
White Card stock
Clear packing tape or Duct tape
Zip-top bags
Rubber bands

To enter merchandise into the software:
1.  Log into your account with your consignor number and password. 
2. Click "Work with consigned inventory"
3.  Click "Work with my consigned items"
4. Use the user friendly information boxes to enter the item description, price and you can choose if you want to discount your item 50% of discount day (we highly recommend you discount your items). 
5.  Check the "Donate" box if you want to donate your unsold items after that sale.  We send all of the donations to a local not-for-profit based in Fulton and Montgomery County.  
6. Print tags, click on a link in the print tags section when logged in.

Tagging Clothes

  1. Start by cleaning all the clothing items you have. This is a great time to ensure that they do not have stains, tears or other wear marks.
  2. Hang all the shirts on the hangers with the hook of the hanger facing the left (like a question mark).
  3. If the shirt has the slightest potential of slipping off, fasten the shirt to the hanger with one safety pin on each side.
  4. Pin all the pants to the hangers with two safety pins, one on each side.
  5. For sets, hang and/or pin the shirt first then turn it around and pin the pants to the back of the hanger.
  6. Once you have all items hung, you can start printing tags and attaching them to the clothes with a safety pin. Only pin the top part of the tag to the items, the bottom part is for our use at check out.

Prepping Bundles of Books

  1. Insert books into proper size zip-top bags.
  2. Zip and tape the top with packing tape/duct tape.
  3. Print tag and tape it to the outside of the bag, only taping the top above the line.

Tagging Shoes

  1. Secure shoes together with ribbon or zip-ties.
  2. Print tag and secure to shoes with a safety pin.

Tagging Toys

  1. Put all little pieces in a zip-top bag, zip and seal with packing/duct tape, and secure to the largest piece.
  2. Print tag and attach it securely to the toy.

Some selling tips:

  • Price it to sell. Overpriced items will not sell. 
  • When in doubt leave it out.  Please leave out clothes with stains, holes and any sign of wear and tear.
  • We highly suggest marking your items to reduce 50% for Saturday.  Trust us, small pick-up piles are liberating!
  • All items must be priced $2 or more.

  • A little bit of extra work goes a long way to sell those items (ironing, stain stick, dusting/cleaning toys, etc).
  • Pick clothes within the season: Warm clothes for our fall sale and lighter clothes for our spring sale. Out of season items will not be accepted.
  • Have fun! Don't sweat the small stuff!  Enjoy your trip down memory lane!  Email us with questions!  Did we mention have fun!?!